DESTROY THE TURTLE: Make Your Newaza Great Again

By Judo Olympians - Matt D'Aquino (2008) and Dr. Rhadi Ferguson (2004) 

If there's one ground position that we Judoka dominate better than any martial arts in the world, it's the turtle positin. Judo players and coaches at the top level know how to crack, annihilate and destroy the turtle position.

This video series is the ultimate guide which contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices to destroying the turtle and making your opponent pay the ULTIMATE price when they give up their back. Think of this video as the master key to improving your newaza.

This video series has been compiled for many months but it is the combintion of many years of hard work and trial and error and its finally available at the special price of only $47! We've literally struggled so that you don't have to. We've done all of the hard labor so that you can reap the rewards and start winning more..... TODAY!


"Destroy The Turtle" contains everything you could want to know about pinning, choking, armbarring and contorlling your opponent from the turtle position. We also provide the information AND the skills and drills in order for you to practice appropriately and correctly so that you can be successful. Just check out this IMPORTANT VIDEO which contains one of the main training secrets that the world class judoka use in their dojo and you should too!!!!


We not only give you the techniques but the drills that you can perform to help you become as fluid, proficient and efficient as possible.


Most animals kill their prey by subduing the or paralyzing them or by rendering them helpless by shutting down their movement. This is a key concept in matwork and one that we cover in this series. Pressure and how to apply it is EVERYTHING. 


Destoying The Turtle is all about accessing the opporunities available and creating opportuniies to access. This video series will ensure that you have the skill and tools to access the opportunity to win.


Access the full depth and breadth of your submission opportunities is important. In this video series, we show you how you can implement your armbars an chokes for newaza success.


One of the most basic and powerful tools that a judoka can possess. Without these skills you dead in water before start. We will give you the skills to crack the turnover code.


What will you do when things go wrong? How will you keep your newaza current, up-to-date and relevant? We wlll do this for you. This video series will do this for you.

“This techniques shown in this video have not only provided me daughter with a great base in newaza but also has made her the best junior female newaza practitioner in the country.”

- Robert Wagner (the father of Hannah Wagner)

A Video Series For All Skill Levels

"Destroy The Turtle" consists of information for practitioners of all skill levels whether you’ve been training and coaching for years or if you’ve just got onto the mat. This video series will benefit you and dramatically transform your newaza into a modern, effective, and engaging style that will be empowering and most importantly, effective.

Destroy The Turtle Based On Cold Hard Tested Facts

This video series was constructed by 2 Olympians who are also heavy practitioners in the art of Brazilian Jiujitsu. At the time of this production, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in BJJ and Matt D'Aquino is a Brown Belt in BJJ. Matt and Rhadi designed this video series based off of their work "in the trenches." From being on the mat all over the globe and from being inside of the dojo coaching white belts and yellow belts at the grassroots levels. The information in this "Destroy The Turtle" was provided by absolute experts who have studied the ins and outs of mat work, game plan design, matwork development, newaza strategy and success on the mat.

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